Greyhound Adoptions WA

"Anubis" Art Print by Perth Lifecasting

20 AUD
In Ancient Egypt, Greyhounds were worshipped, treasured by their Royal owners who treated them equal to their human family members and in death were even mummified together. To hurt a greyhound often meant death to the perpetrator. In Ancient Greece and Rome they were treated with same reverence. In stark contrast to Digby the abused and unloved rescue greyhound who has found himself homeless, one of the many in 2017! What a shame that somewhere along the way, the lives of this noble breed became so irrelevant to those that just wanted to exploit them! In this portrait, Digby is depicted as his ancestors which seems a fitting tribute to all the sad and lonely greys looking for people to love them again. Good luck Digby, we hope you will find a family that will treat you with the respect you deserve 💕🙌🏻 Prints will be available to purchase soon with 100% proceeds to Perth's greyhound rescues